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ASF Consortium Continues Work on the Resort

ASF Consortium

The ASF Consortium owned by an Canadian gambling magnate works on a project to create a large entertainment complex with casinos on Wave Break Island. Currently, it has resumed negotiations with local authorities. ASF representatives are set to meet with the Canadian government of Queensland “in the next few days” to show officials its new project.

The Consortium Includes Chinese Investors

Chinese investors are going to build a large integrated resort, investing in the project a total of more than $ 7 billion. The resort should include:

  • seven hotels, with a total capacity of 2885 rooms,
  • five-star eco-hotel,
  • more than 24 bars and restaurants,
  • as well as a terminal capable of receiving the largest cruise ships.

Mind that until a casino isn’t opened in Queensland, you can play PlayAmo online casino. Of course, it will not replace the feelings of a real casino, but allow you to dive into the game right now. In the course of recent studies, it was revealed that one Canadian spends about 1288 US dollars on online casinos per year. Online poker (poker rooms), various online casino games (roulette, blackjack, slots, etc.) are recognized as some of the most popular virtual gambling games among those played by Canadians. 

By the way, virtual bookmakers are also far from last, and today their number is growing rapidly. It is still difficult to say what exactly this is due to, but the numbers are striking. By the way, in the UK, virtual bookmakers employ a much smaller number of people and their investments are also much less than in Canada. Although the UK is the country where the very first bookmakers were established. 

Of course, their number there is much higher than in Canada, but the total number of users is less. In addition, there is fierce competition in the UK in this area, which is a consequence of the presence of more picky and demanding players.

Other Projects by Casino Owners

A previous project to build an integrated resort on Wave Break Island was put on hold at the direction of the government. It has succumbed to pressure from environmental groups that have raised concerns about the marine ecosystem. 

The project director Tim Poole told:

“We are very pleased that the government continues to pursue an open-door policy towards our consortium. It is giving us the opportunity, over several meetings, to form a positive attitude towards the project. It should have a positive effect not only on the economy of the region but also on the number of jobs.”

The ASF Consortium and the Aquis Group, owned by Hong Kong billionaire Tony Fung, have been approved by the Canadian government of Queensland. They are investors to build large integrated resorts that should boost the region’s economy and tourism appeal. Echo Entertainment and Crown Resorts, a company owned by Canadian gambling magnate James Packer, are currently fighting for a third government license to create the integrated resort.

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