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The Sharpshooter technique in casino craps


Among the various techniques that have been developed to gain an edge at the craps table, one of the most calculated is the “Sharpshooter” technique. The nickname comes from the alias used by the man who invented it and is a technique that consists of being able to roll the dice with the ability to land exactly on the chosen number.

Many don’t believe it can be done and others verify it as legitimate, but is it really possible? A lot of time has been put into discussions around this topic, both in dice circles and among mathematicians and engineers. Some believe it, some don’t, what do you think?

We recommend you give it a try; if you win then you know it’s valid; if it loses, then you could try another strategy in the next round. If you want to read more about how to roll dice, then don’t miss our special article.

Next, we’ll explain why patience is every gambler’s best friend and how you can make use of it when playing casino craps.

Stop wondering how to play craps in the casino and play slowly

Knowing how to play craps in the casino is only the first step in deciding how to bet your chips on the table. In fact, the rules are more of a requirement than an advantage.

Another strategy used at the craps table is that of “patience”. This strategy is based on the notion of watching the game carefully, betting only small amounts until the time is right to raise the stakes to shake the table.

It sounds comical, but it is a strategy that has been studied and measured effectively by statisticians in the past and at the very least it is one that will help you conserve your budget in the long run.

A patient shooter, one who plays and bets responsibly will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Keep your chips for longer.
  • You don’t lose as much money if you hit a rough patch.
  • In the long run, the casino pays more to those who are patient.

This list of advantages should be on your mind the next time you are going to place a bet – the number of spins you can make could be multiplied several times over this way!

Did you know that there are casino craps tournaments and the pay is very good for the winners!

Craps casino games are available in the best tournaments.

Due to the great popularity of casino games nowadays, the possibility to place a bet is not enough for some players; so it is possible to get competitions where each shooter competes for the first prize.

Recently the craze for craps tournaments has taken off and online casinos have embraced it by hosting regular weekly events that attract players who like to enjoy this style of tournament play.

There can be big prizes and VIP points up for grabs, so this type of tournament has proven to be extremely popular. This type of competition requires a lot of patience because you are essentially up against thousands of players and not just the house.

Casino craps games are very popular in this kind of competition, so we encourage you to play them once you’ve had a bit of practice – you can win a lot of money in each round!

If you want to know more about the casino craps game and its tournaments, then visit our article where we explore its reality.

Are you ready to place your bets, do you have your deposit or bonus money, great! But, let’s see what kind of player or shooter you’ll get at the tables.

These are the players you will get at the casino craps table

The casino craps table is one of the tables that attracts the most people. There you can see all sorts of players making roll after roll to try and get the winnings to fulfil their every desire.

There is a specific type of player in every casino game, and craps is no different. It can attract some stereotypes as a direct result of the way it has been presented in popular culture these days.

Some are good at the game and some are not because of their reputation. Good or bad, it is the players of this particular game of chance that contribute to its legacy and will continue to do so and make the game even more popular.

If you want a detailed list of every player you will get at the online table, then be sure to read more in our article on casino dice and their characters – there are winners and losers!

Win with craps casino games and get your wishes granted

Casino dice games, especially craps, are some of the most exciting games that any gambler can bet on. The best casinos have an extensive list of titles for you to place your chips on.

Study the bet you are going to place before any spin, so you can maximise your winnings or reduce your losses, depending on the numbers and combinations that are made in that round. Be sure to read all the information in our casino craps articles so you’ll be even more prepared, and don’t forget to claim the free bet bonuses available!

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