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Bookmaker companies are actively betting on the expansion of the virtual casino in the USA

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It was revealed that the COVID-19 has provided little support for sports bettors and gamblers as the casino closure has forced plenty of jurisdictions to revise legislation that restricts online gambling in general. For obvious reasons, the relatively young regulated sports betting market in the United States found itself in a special predicament as the gambling doors were closed.

Restrictions on online gambling were loosened in many states, and as a result, players who had never thought about online versions of their favorite games quickly discovered the benefits that existed in online casinos.

Why are online casinos so popular today?

The online casino industry offers its clients a far more competitive environment in which you can find constant casino bonuses and free games that are usually used to attract new players. There is a lot of information about top gambling platforms and their services. For instance, you may read Woo Casino Review to check its offerings. Furthermore, such establishments provide a free mode of their games to allow clients to decide whether they like these titles or not. So, such popularity is not unreasonable.

The online-casinos are better than land-based casinos as they are:

·         convenient;

·         have cool bonuses and promotions which the brick-and-mortar casinos don’t offer.

According to the CEO of Zamedia N.V. Erica King, all the people involved in the casino industry were upset by some uncertainty and long-term restrictions imposed by the coronavirus infection. He said that with many of their services online, they were delighted to see lightning-fast traffic growth as casino enthusiasts expressed their desire to give electronic versions of their favorite games a chance.

In addition, their products Zamsino and have performed extremely well to date. Despite the fact that the restrictions have eased, statistics show that those who have taken advantage of the Internet casino offers are satisfied and keep coming back.

The CEO brags that they have had similar successes in New Zealand as well as in Australia with their brand, because these states did not have the same clout that was felt in external jurisdictions, but matched the big shift in favor of virtual gambling offerings.

Sports Betting Masters in America are Betting on IGaming Expansion

sport betting

In a 2021 first quarter income statement, DraftKings CEO Jason Robins raised his $ 39 billion valuation of the US gambling industry market to an incredible $ 62 billion. If we take into account the estimate of the rapidly growing market in Canada at $ 5 billion, this figure rises to $ 67 billion. The announcement spurred a spike in DraftKings share prices. It will likely lead to iGaming surpassing sports betting.

In his presentation, this impressive data was broken down into $ 22 billion in internet sports betting with $ 40 billion in revenue from iGaming. Looking at pre-coronavirus revenue from gambling in Nevada in October 2018, sports betting accounted for less than 3% of the over $ 1 billion in net income. Slots are known to generate more than half of all revenue, followed by blackjack at 12%.

Incidentally, the collaboration of bookmaker operators and league data providers forms the basis for an improved sports betting experience in North America. Now no one will be surprised that operators enter into partnerships with developers of the casino technology.

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