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Tennis statistics for betting

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Statistics are a fundamental element when betting on a tennis match, as they offer us all kinds of information about how the match may develop depending on many circumstances. Therefore, they provide us with the opportunity to anticipate one result or another.

What tennis stats to check before betting?

Before making a prediction on a tennis match, it is advisable to carry out a statistical study beforehand, so that we have detailed information on certain aspects that can influence the development of the match. Let’s see which are the most important ones.

First we can look at statistics at a more general level:

  • Historical results of the tennis players in the tournament.
  • Performance of the players on the surface of that particular tournament.
  • Result history in head-to-head matches between the two (H2H).
  • Ranking position and evolution in the ranking and motivation in the tournament.

Now we can look at some on a more individual level:

  • Recent injury history.
  • How many points he usually scores when serving or subtracting.
  • Whether he is left-handed or right-handed and how that affects his opponents.
  • How many games he wins when he is ahead on points and when he has to come back from behind.
  • How many sets you win when you are ahead in games and when you are behind in games.
  • How the wind or rain affects your points performance.

Knowing all these factors can help us anticipate a possible outcome, not only in advance, but also if we are betting live.

Statistics of the tournament you are betting on

When you decide to bet on a tennis match, you should not only take into account the statistics relating to the players, but also their statistics with respect to the tournament they are going to play, for example:

  • Results obtained in the last editions of that tournament.
  • Results of each player on the surface of that tournament.

The venue where a tennis match is to be played can be decisive in determining the outcome of the match.

Individual statistics of matches won/lost

This statistic is key when analysing the possible outcome of a match, as win/loss dynamics are, as in football, fundamental.

Results of the last 5, 10 or 15 matches played in the season

Consecutive win/loss dynamics. How long they have lasted or how many of them there have been.

In this case, this information gives us a picture of the psychological strength of the tennis player, his confidence and his chances of winning, even if the tournament or the surface is not entirely favourable or not.

Individual injury statistics

The physical factor is as important as the quality of the player himself. If a very good player has a string of injuries, it will have a negative impact on his performance, even if he is fully recovered at the time.

  • Injury history in his career
  • Injury record during the season

Analysis of which tournaments and surfaces you are most frequently injured on

In this case, he may not only not be at 100%, but also play more sparingly for fear of re-injury.

Trends in the ranking of tennis players

The ATP or WTA ranking marks the tennis player’s ranking throughout the season, as the system is based on the improvement of his or her results from the previous season.

Ranking in the current ranking

Evolution in the ranking throughout the season. Upward or downward dynamics. Ranking history over the years at that particular point in the season.

Thus, we must check what is the trend of a tennis player over the previous weeks to know if it is ascending or descending, that is, if he is improving his results from the previous season or if he is worsening them.

Tennis betting strategy

When developing a strategy for betting on tennis, it is necessary to take into account a series of recommendations that will help to increase the success rate of your predictions.

As we have been commenting throughout the article, obtaining and analysing a wide variety of statistics about the match on which we want to bet will provide us with a great advantage when establishing the forecast, since we will have a lot of information about how the tennis players may respond depending on the scenario that is presented to them, both on a sporting and non-sporting level.

Knowing the players Beyond the numbers that each player can present, it is important to know the style of play of each one and if this is more effective or not against his rival. Here we must also take into account whether a player is left-handed or right-handed and how facing a left-handed or right-handed player affects his game.

Compare to find the best odds Because there are so many tennis matches with so many possibilities, it is wise to compare as many bookmakers as possible in search of the best odds. This is especially useful when we are dealing with live betting, as the variations in odds are quite evident from one bookmaker to another.

Sure bets on tennis

Tennis offers the possibility to bet safely, even more easily than football, since there are only 2 possible options, the chances of establishing safe bets are higher.

Check out our article on safe sports betting strategies to learn more about the spread method for safe bets.

Best bookmakers to bet on tennis

As a hugely popular sport with bettors, all bookmakers offer extensive coverage on tennis, offering attractive markets and odds for virtually every tennis tournament played each week, both men’s and women’s.

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