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Women’s tennis betting strategy

Women's Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular sports among bettors, especially because it is a sport that is very conducive to live betting.

In this case, women’s tennis shares the same interest for betting, because just like its male counterpart, it offers the possibility of winning a lot of money.

Best bookmakers to bet on women’s tennis

  • William Hill
  • Bwin
  • Betfair

Women’s Tennis Betting

Betting on women’s tennis offers us a unique opportunity to put our tennis predictions into practice and is also an excellent alternative to men’s tournaments. However, there are certain peculiarities that we should be aware of when betting on this sport.

Tournaments for women’s tennis betting

Women’s tennis tournaments are part of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association), which, as with the men’s ATP (Association Tennis Professional), provides us with events every week, whether they are of greater or lesser importance.

In this case, there is no difference with the category in terms of major tournaments, but there is a difference in the smaller ones. Let’s take a look at the main competitions in women’s tennis.

  • Grand Slam: Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open.
  • Fed Cup.
  • WTA Finals.
  • WTA Elite Trophy.
  • Premier Tournaments (21) and International Tournaments (29).

As we can see, the number of women’s tennis tournaments offered by the WTA gives us the opportunity to bet on almost every week of the year without interruption.

Types of betting on women’s tennis

When it comes to betting on women’s tennis, we must be clear about the best markets to bet on. Let’s see what they are.

  • Winner betting. This is the most popular prediction and as it has only 2 possible options (as there is no possibility of a draw), it offers a slightly higher percentage than football. Here we would also include bets on the winner of the tournament which, as in football, are medium to long term forecasts that can offer very interesting odds.
  • Bets on the number of games or sets. This forecast offers higher odds than the winner, although the risk also increases, as it requires guessing the number of games or sets that a tennis player will win or that there will be at the end of the match.
  • Handicap bets. These are very popular and especially useful when the difference between two players is significant, as they allow you to reduce this disadvantage by giving the “worst” player a fictitious advantage in his games or sets score. In this way, we get more attractive odds despite the fact that the match may be tilted to one side.
  • Betting on the exact score. This is the most risky type of bet, since, as in football, it is necessary to accurately predict the final score of a match or a particular set, predicting the number of games for each tennis player.

Betting on the result in women’s tennis

As we mentioned before, betting on the result in women’s tennis is one of the most popular types of betting, as this market usually offers quite high odds, but also carries a high risk.

In this case, we are talking about predicting how, for example, a certain set will turn out: 6-0, 6-2, 4-6… Therefore, our betting accuracy must be maximised, as in tennis, unlike in other sports, the score can change from one moment to the next, causing the favourite and dominating player of the match to start losing points and games.

Differences with men’s tennis betting

There are some differences between men’s and women’s tennis, not only in terms of the amount of money generated (lower prize money) and physical factors of the game (less strength, speed or stride), but especially in terms of aspects related to the game, such as the number of sets needed to win a match (Best of 3 vs Best of 5), or that in Grand Slams the women’s final is always played a day before the men’s final (usually on a Saturday).

Women’s tennis betting strategies

As with any sport, a good betting strategy starts with being a big fan of the sport, so following the broadcasts of the different matches is key to see beyond what the statistics indicate (physical, emotional and psychological level of the players, discomfort when serving, problems when receiving…). Tennis is one of the sports where psychological strength is almost as important as quality or physical condition.

Once this phase has been overcome, we can follow a series of tips when designing a strategy for betting on women’s tennis.

Match analysis

As in football, basketball or any other sport, knowing the competition and the players who will play a match is key when it comes to making a prediction. In this case, it is useful to know their respective physical and emotional states, what their record is in the tournament and when they play each other, if any of them are injured, if their level drops when it rains or it is windy, on what surface they play best and how they usually perform. In short, to have at hand updated and real information about the protagonists of the match.

How to bet against the favourite

In most of the matches we will have a tennis player who will be the favourite to win, therefore, her odds will be quite low. In these cases, we don’t have to throw the match away, but rather look for certain markets that will help us to even things out (handicap betting) or bet on the number of games or whether they will score more or less than a certain number of points.

Avoid very low odds

Unless we have decided to apply a safe betting strategy, as far as possible we should avoid placing single bets at odds below 1.20, as they offer a very low return and the risk of failure is higher than in other sports. On the other hand, placing combined bets can be a good option, although never exceeding 4 or 5 selections, even if they are fairly safe events, as in tennis the risk increases to a greater extent than in football or basketball, as the sign of a match can change at any time.

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