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Volleyball betting strategy

Volleyball betting

Volleyball, a sport that is not very popular among most bettors because it is considered a niche sport, offers us a great opportunity to make our predictions, because if you learn how to bet on it, it can result in a constant flow of profits.

Best bookmakers for betting on volleyball

  • Bwin;
  • Codere;
  • 888.

How to bet on volleyball?

Before we start talking about volleyball predictions, it is necessary to know a little bit about the sport, for example, what are the main types or competitions of this sport.

Volleyball modalities

  • Indoor volleyball. This modality is played on hard court and is played by 2 teams of 6 players each with the possibility of changing. The matches are played to win sets, specifically the best of 5. The first 4 sets are played to 25 points, while the deciding set is played to 15 points with a minimum advantage of 2 points.
  • Beach Volleyball. This modality is played on sand and is played by 2 players with no possibility of change. The first 2 sets are played to 21 points, while the deciding set is played to 15 points with a minimum advantage of 2 points.

Main volleyball competitions

When betting on volleyball we must take into account which competitions are the best to bet on, as only the most important ones will offer us many matches with a multitude of different markets to bet on.

  • Olympic Games.
  • Volleyball World Cup.
  • World Volleyball League (men).
  • Volleyball Grand Prix (women).

In this case, the Olympic Games are the most important event in volleyball, although as they are played every 4 years, they limit us quite a lot when it comes to betting. Therefore, we must resort to the other competitions, less important but with a higher volume of matches and bets.

Volleyball betting characteristics

Volleyball offers us a great opportunity to make our predictions, since according to the Pareto principle, the more minority a sport is, the greater the chances of getting a prediction right.

Let’s take a look at the main markets you can bet on when it comes to volleyball.

  • Set winner. As in tennis, we can bet on which team will win a particular set. The option to bet on handicap is often offered.
  • Total points. We bet on the total points that both teams will score, just one, in a half or at the end of the match. We also have the option to bet on whether it will be an odd or even number.
  • Over/Under. In this market we can bet on both points per game and per set, indicating whether we think they will score more or less than a certain amount.

Is there such a thing as a sure bet in volleyball?

Of course they do. Also, as it is a sport with no possibility of a draw with only 2 possible selections, these sure bets are easier to obtain than in, for example, football.

Check out our sure betting strategy article to learn more about the “spread” method of getting sure bets.

The popularity of volleyball

The popularity of volleyball has increased significantly over the last 20 years, thanks to the national team’s sporting successes and the hosting of major events in the country, such as the World League Finals in Madrid in 2003. However, it was Spain’s victory at the 2007 European Championship in Moscow that made the sport so popular.

As for the women’s side, its greatest exponent is Tenerife Marichal, dominator of the Superliga and winner of the Indesit Champions League in 2004.

Volleyball betting strategy

In addition to sharing the usual ones for other sports such as football or tennis, in volleyball we can develop a strategy for betting based on certain actions.

  • Simple bets. As it is a sport in which the differences between the teams are usually large, placing single bets, even combining them, can be the best strategy to start adding profits.
  • Over/Under betting. It is one of the main markets of this sport, so betting on a team to score more or less a certain amount of points can always be a good option, as we can get quite interesting odds.
  • Betting on Total Points. It is also a good option to bet on the total score that will be scored at the end of the match, as this market offers good odds and can be relatively well calculated if you know the sport.

Tips for your volleyball betting

In this case, there are several factors to consider when betting on a volleyball match.

Greater importance of the group than the individual. Unlike other team sports such as football or basketball, where a superlative player can end up deciding a match on his own, in volleyball the main strength is the group, specifically how well the team is composed. Although there are of course players with a level above the rest, in practice they do not have the same impact as Leo Messi in football or LeBron James in basketball. For this reason, when betting we should always look more at the collective performance of a team than at whether they have certain players or players in their squad.

Fitness is key. Volleyball teams play a high volume of matches almost consecutively, so there is always little time for the recovery process, both in long league competitions and in short cup competitions. Therefore, knowing the physical condition of the teams and their players is key when it comes to betting, as it is a factor that can cause a theoretically superior team to end up losing because they cannot keep up with their opponents.

The physiognomy of the stadiums. In volleyball, the stadiums vary enormously in height, design and distance, so they are a fundamental factor when making a prediction depending on the teams that play there and how they are able to adapt to it.

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