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88 Fortunes Slot Machine

88 Fortunes Slot Machine

88 Fortunes is another one of the best online slots brought to us by Scientific Games. It is a Chinese themed game that includes 5 reels with 3 row display that provides 243 ways to win. This slot is in high demand with its various bonus features including the Fu Bat (good fortune bat) wild symbol, multi-directional paylines, an included jackpot game and a free spins round. A slot that certainly lives up to its name, with up to 200,000 coins in the jackpots available.

88 Fortunes theme

This title emphasises the colours red and gold, harmonising with Chinese culture. However, regardless of nationality, gold is a colour that everyone will want to see when playing slots.

88 Fortunes is not a game that seeks to tell a story, rather it is a no-nonsense opportunity for you to jump on the good luck bandwagon. 8 is a lucky number in China, so two eights (88) must mean double blessings.

Game Design

As usual with the SG label, this game features resoundingly good graphics, with great attention to detail, providing a very pleasurable gaming experience. As for the design of 88 Fortunes you will quickly see that it is based on Chinese culture, as mentioned above, and the vast majority of the aspects that make up its design revolve around different elements of ‘luck’ according to Chinese beliefs.

With a red background, the golden colours of the numbers, buttons, and even all the symbols are of an intense golden colour, as well as the different boxes on the screen, which are framed within a structure of purely oriental aesthetics.

Symbols and Soundtrack

In 88 Fortunes you will find a wide variety of symbols, from the typical numerical values and letters worth 1 coin such as 9, 10, A, J, Q and K, which you see in the vast majority of slots, to golden icons specific to this game, such as turtles, eagles, coins, vases, gongs and ships. Of course, each of these will bring you a payout amount ranging from 88 coins to 2 coins. Check out the payout table:

The ambient sound, with a musical thread of air instruments, transports you to the villages of ancient China, conveying a sense of peace and relaxation – we’re sure this will help you concentrate on the game!

The “Fu Bat” Symbol

This is the wild symbol of the game, whose mission is to substitute for the rest of the icons mentioned above in order to create winning combinations. Remember that it will only appear on the second, third and fourth reels. Hopefully this Chinese character symbol surrounded by 4 fortune bats will bring you good luck – keep an eye out for it!

These are the symbols that appear on the reels of this fun game, but you’ll also see some little characters: the four ‘Fu Babies’ representing the ‘Grand’, ‘Minor’, ‘Mini’ and ‘Major’ icons.

Bonus Features

As you would expect, 88 Fortunes features a number of bonus features that will allow you to get the most out of your investments while enjoying this fantastic slot machine at the world’s best online casinos.

Fu-Bat Jackpot

When a “Fu Bat” symbol appears on any of the central reels, you are eligible for an interesting jackpot, depending on the number of icons that have appeared.

In case you are in for an even bigger prize, a new pop-up screen will appear where you will see 12 golden coins, from which you will have to select by clicking on them up to a total of 3, and each action will reveal one of the four “Fu Babies”. If they all match you will win the jackpot.

Don’t forget that the jackpot values are proportional to the bet you have placed. In the table below you can see which jackpots (whether Mini, Manor, Major, or Grand) you can hit depending on the number of golden symbols played:

Conclusion About 88 Fortunes

Overall, this slot game has all the right aspects to make it one of the best titles around, with ingredients such as a fun theme, eye-catching symbols, and some very interesting and beneficial features. All this will make for an entertaining gaming experience at your favourite online casino, while still being able to make a profit.

Regarding the variance, you could say that it is high, being 96%, an average return quite high compared to other titles we can find, exceeding the average.

As for the bonus features it offers, the free spins feature we have seen is one of the best compared to those offered by other titles, as you can get 10 free spins twice as much. This means even more fun, and not only that, but the possibility of being able to multiply your winnings. Give this slot machine game a chance and discover the full potential that 88 Fortunes has to offer, no matter what type of player you are, as it is affordable for all budgets.

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